If you’re looking for Wordpress in Enniscorthy you’ve come to the right place! Webcode.ie is a website development business based in Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre and we specialise in Wordpress website design.

What Is WordPress?

We like to think of WordPress as the Swiss army knife of websites. In short, it is a platform which you can build your website upon and offers features such as blogging, content management, e-commerce and much more. This very website that you are now browsing is built on WordPress.

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Looking For WordPress in Enniscorthy

No matter what you want to achieve with your WordPress website, we can handle it.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price will vary in line with the complexity of your project. As a rule of thumb it could cost anywhere from €600 to €2000.

How Long Will It Take?

Again, this depends on the complexity of your project. On average the whole process takes no longer than one week.

Do You Offer Support?

Of course! We are available office hours to handle any support requests you may have and also offer out of hours support for emergencies.

Can't I Do This Myself?

Feel free! However you may run into some technical problems along the way that could stop you in your tracks. It is better to get us involved from the start so we don’t have to waste time and charge you extra to fix something you may have broken.

WordPress is very versatile in that it can be very easily “themed” to have a look and feel to your liking. Our approach to developing WordPress websites is to ask our client to visit a WordPress theme marketplace and create a shortlist of at least 5 WordPress themes that they like. We then take the most suitable one of these ready made themes and modify it to the clients liking.

It is also very simple to add extra functionality to WordPress thanks to its “plugins” system. Developers all around the world contribute code to the WordPress plugin directory to extend the default WordPress offering to add features such as e-commerce capabilities, improved search engine optimisation, contact forms, business logic, third party integrations and much more. The beauty about these plugins is that they are all free!

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